What Cologne Does Nick Jonas Wear? [Revealed]

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Nick Jonas is one cute, attractive, and lovable guy. He is well known for being one of the Jonas Brothers, but he made a name and a fan following all for himself.

As his fan, you must be wondering:

So, What Cologne Does Nick Jonas Wear?

Nick Jonas wears JVXNJ Fragrance as his signature cologne. He prefers fragrances that make him most confident and can be worn day to night. So, it’s no wonder the scent suits him well, and it is his go-to cologne. Therefore, if you want to smell like Nick Jonas, get your hands on JVXNJ Fragrance.

To know more about this fragrance and if you can wear it, keep reading.

What Cologne Does Nick Jonas Wear?

What Is Nick Jonas’ Favourite Fragrance?

According to multiple sources, I can indeed say JVXNJ Fragrance is Nick Jonas’ favorite fragrance.

Nicholas Jerry Jonas is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He is best known for being the lead singer of the band Jonas Brothers with his older brothers.

He later went solo and delivered remarkable songs like Chains, Close, and Bacon. Moreover, he also starred in movies like Careful What You Wish For, Goat, and Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle.

However, Nick soon rejoined the Jonas Brothers Band and released one after another hit album. After all, the brothers are unbeatable when together.

But, of course, you already know all of that and just want to know about his favorite fragrance.

I have researched Nick Jonas’ favorite fragrance for quite some time and went through his interviews and magazines to find exact answers for you.

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So, let’s further discuss JVXNJ Fragrance and see if you can also wear it?

JV x NJ by John Varvatos is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. It is a new fragrance launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Harry Fremont.

The scent is dynamic and irresistible, capturing the upbeat energy of the city as dusk settles and nightlife comes alive with its woody, spicy, and aquatic notes.

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Talking about notes, you will initially discover a blend of mandarin, leaf of Kaffir lime, pink pepper, and cascalone. Later the aroma will shift for a while to lavender, sage, rosemary, mint, and Hedione, then settling with sandalwood and cedarwood.

Now the final question is, should you wear JVXNJ Fragrance just because Nick Jonas wears it?

Here’s the thing, the answer is both yes and no. If you want a fragrance to wear day and night, then this scent is a great deal. However, if you do opt for this scent, then make sure to wear it with confidence.

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