What Cologne Does Jude Law Wear? [Revealed]

Written By Nazia Haque

Jude Law was voted among the world’s sexiest men, and there is no denying it! He is loved for his performance as an actor.

You might be wondering if you are his fan:

So, What Cologne Does Jude Law Wear?

Jude Law’s go-to cologne is Paul Smith Extreme. He also wears Azzi Glasser’s custom cologne, Christian Dior Dior Homme, Calvin Klein Obsession Night, Tann Rokka Kisu, and Acqua di Parma. Therefore, if you want to smell like Jude Law, these scents are the answer to achieving that.

To know more about fragrances and how to wear them, keep reading.

What Cologne Does Jude Law Wear

What Is Jude Law’s Favourite Fragrance?

Numerous sources revealed that Paul Smith Extreme is Jude Law’s favorite among all the colognes he uses.

The English actor is famous for his roles in movies The Talented Mr. Ripley, Sherlock Holmes, Contagion, etc.

Jude Law has been in the film industry for over 20 years and has continuously proven a great performer.

Apart from his extraordinary talent, fans love Jude Law’s dreamy blue eyes and his good looks. But who can disagree, right?

But you must already be a fan and eagerly waiting to find Jude Law’s favorite scent.

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Let’s get back to the main point.

I’ve researched for quite some time about this. I read some of Jude Law’s interviews and went through some magazines to find the exact answer you want to know.

Let’s discuss the fragrances which Jude Law wears and how you can style them?

First and foremost, Jude Law’s go-to cologne Paul Smith Extreme, the fresh spicy fragrance for men, was released in 2003.

The aromatic woody fresh, warm spicy fragrance brings out the classic scent that every man wants. The subtle yet attractive scent will leave a statement wherever it is worn.

In the top notes, you’ll smell lemon, bergamot, and cardamom, followed by nutmeg, geranium, and rosemary; base notes are Brazilian rosewood, tonka bean, and musk.

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Secondly, Jude Law wears Azzi Glasser’s custom cologne which has special notes of vetiver and rich mosses.

Next, Christian Dior Dior Homme for men, launched in 2011.

The earthy leather with a violet scent reflects masculinity and vitality. The floral notes of lavender offset by iris and cacao blend into perfect harmony.

As for the notes, you’ll smell bergamot, and sage, followed by amber. Base notes are leather, vetiver, and patchouli.

Moving on to Calvin Klein, Obsession Night is a sweet amber fragrance for men launched in 2005.

The top notes are Pear, Cardamom, Artemisia, and Grapefruit; middle notes are Nutmeg and Musk; base notes are Vanilla, Patchouli, and Vetiver.

Next, Tann Rokka Kisu for women and men was launched in 2004.

You’ll get Water Notes, followed by Ylang-Ylang and Brazilian Rosewood; base notes are Cedar and Musk.

Lastly, Jude Law wears fragrances by Acqua di Parma. The brand has a variety of scents that still holds the base of their old fragrances back in 1916. It’s a timelessly classic fragrance.

Jude Law sure has a taste for his fragrances and plays around with the details of each of them. The scents are very typical for their kind which genuinely makes sense considering his personality.

Now, the fragrances have a character you need to make sure you can wear. Nonetheless, if you want to smell like your favorite star Jude Law, go for these fragrances!

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