What Cologne Does Jimmy Fallon Wear? [Revealed]

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There’s not a soul that does not find Jimmy Fallon hilarious. He is light-spirited and never leaves anyone without a smile on their face.

He has a cult following for his humorous personality. It’s no wonder if you are wondering:

So, What Cologne Does Jimmy Fallon Wear?

Jimmy Fallon wears John Varvatos as his signature cologne. The fragrance is described to be a charismatic cologne that would keep anyone undoubtedly on their toes. Therefore, it’s also a scent that is fit for entertainers like Jimmy Fallon himself.

Keep reading to know more about the fragrance Jimmy Fallon wears and how you can wear it.

What Perfume Does Jimmy Fallon Wear

What Is Jimmy Fallon’s Favourite Fragrance?

According to numerous sources, I can indeed say that John Varvatos is Jimmy Fallon’s favorite fragrance.

Jimmy Fallon created a platform in Hollywood that shaped and defined comedy for us. He is a genius that brings laughter in his show The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. He is also a cast member of Saturday Night Live and starred in movies like Taxi, Fever Pitch, etc.

The American comedian and host started his career at the age of 21 in Los Angeles, fulfilling his childhood dream of being a singer and comedian.

It’s no surprise that Jimmy Fallon has a huge fan following who also looks up to him. After all, he has plenty of accolades justifying the hype.

But, you must already know all this – now eagerly waiting to know about his favorite fragrance.

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Now, let’s just get to the main point.

I have done proper research and went through Jimmy Fallon’s interviews to find answers regarding the fragrance that he wears.

Let’s discuss John Varvatos and how you can wear it?

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John Varvatos for Men by John Varvatos is a sweet woody fragrance launched in 2004.

This scent is modern, bold, and sophisticated, leaving traits of masculinity and elegance. The rugged and rich heart notes combine an experience you won’t forget.

In the notes, you will smell leather, amber, tamarind, dates, vanilla, balsam fir, herbal notes, caramel, olibanum, hay, styrax, and agarwood.

The fragrance is a contemporary version of elegance – reflecting boldness, vitality, and subtleness. The green spicy mixed with fruity harmony is perfect for a man that plays around yet is still classy.

Now, if you want to turn the spotlight like Jimmy Fallon does wherever he appears, you can wear the fragrance! The mixed notes of this cologne would be perfect for any occasion.

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