What Cologne Does Brad Pitt Wear? [Fashion & Fragrance]

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Whenever we talk about killer looks & fashion, Brad Pitt is the first name that pops up in our heads. His trendy elegance not only makes ladies crazy but also inspires many gents’ stylists.


And the most asked question after his style is, which cologne he wears to shine on his regular days out.

Well, after a thorough analysis, I’ve found some interesting facts about Brad Pitt’s rich Hollywood career, along with his fragrance taste.

So, read along!

Brad Pitt’s Influence on Grooming Trends & Fashion


It was more than 30 years ago that a young actor played a dashing hitman role in Thelma and Louise, and became the forever heartthrob among stylish ladies.

However, Brad Pitt became an inspiration for young men after his bold, masculine role in Fight Club.

William Bradley Pitt is an American actor and film producer. He is famously known for his portrayal in movies like Oceans Eleven, Troy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, World War Z, Moneyball, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Whether on screen or offscreen every time Brad Pitt arrives as the better version of himself.

Not only for his acting but also for his phenomenal trendy fashion sense and his amazing choice of colognes has made him iconic in the showbiz industry.

His love for fragrances evolved when he did a Chanel N°5 advertisement when his legendary movie Killing Them Softly had just been released in 2012.

Over 35 years, Brad Pitt and his slaying style sense reigned as an influential factor in the American entertainment industry.

Like his unique grooming fashion, he also added some fantastic scent options as his signature cologne. A good-looking man should carry a luxurious cologne- Brad Pitt is the perfect example of that.

Being a die-hard fan of the superstar Brad Pitt, I’ve conducted thorough research and found his affection for musky-leathery fragrances. And trust me, his laid-back aesthetic looks amazingly paired with the bold, erotic smell of musk.

As most of the musk-based cologne does, Pitt’s cool vibes get better with time.

Public Concern About Brad Pitt’s Cologne Collection

Brad Pitt is the most desired name among women’s groups for his bold fashion sense. From teenage girls to adult ladies, everyone keeps dreaming about the 60-year-old superstar.

He is also renowned for his unique selection of dresses and his works, as well as his controversial love life.

Fashion & Fragrance connects better with Brad Pitt than his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. Many die-hard fans of Brad Pitt also search for the perfume Angelina Jolie wears to attract her man.

Brad’s fascination with perfumes came into the spotlight when he was commercially involved with the Chanel brand and did an advertisement for a pure female perfume Chanel No. 5.


After that, many fans of this superstar think he also used Chanel cologne as the brand presented enormous designer pieces like Bleu De Chanel EDP & Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

Not only that but different reviews and forums also declare different renowned colognes as Brad’s signature item.

But surprisingly, like Brad’s unique nature, he also uses an addictive mysterious fragrance Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi as his staple piece.

Apart from these 90s cologne, the evergreen handsome hunk also loves to wear different types of fragrances that suit perfectly with his killer looks.

If you wanna smell as stylish and spot-on as Brad Pitt, let’s explore his cologne collections that I’ve gathered from thorough research about his long career.

What Cologne Does Brad Pitt Wear?

Brad Pitt is fond of bold, musky aromas, and his all-time favorite signature cologne is Lorenzo Villoresi Musk. This timeless scent is also considered the best musky fragrance in perfumery. Its oriental and mysterious aroma perfectly aligned with Pitt’s personality.


Italian perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi composed a sophisticated sensuality in 1995, called Musk. This EDT version appeared with a strong woody, rosy composition, where musk enhances the total accords.

During a live interview, Brad declares his love for this woody-musky scent.

Apart from this one item, I found some other scents, which are also considered Pitt’s favorite cologne. For example, Azzaro Wanted by Night, Tom Ford Ombre Leather, CH Men Prive, and Narciso Rodriguez for Him.

All the listed colognes are renowned among the massive fragrance realm for their evocative leathery, musky hints.

After knowing his fragrance collection you can say, with phenomenal dressing senses and laid-back vibes, Brad Pitt has amazing knowledge about good scents.

Detailed Aromatic Profile of Lorenzo Villoresi Musk

Musk by Lorenzo Villoresi has been in the limelight since its debut in the 90s. It is a floral, woody fragrance layered with prominent musky notes.

This well-balanced combo has a fresh, citrusy-flowery opening with mild zesty sparkles of cinnamon. Where the lavish touch of balsamic notes of galbanum will give you a very cheerful experience.

Moving to the fragrance core, the exotic rose aroma is infused with the mixed fruity-floral elegant aura of geranium.

Within a few moments, the most awaited musk arrives as its base note. Along with the warm, creamy texture, the fragrance exudes a sweet, woody, mossy, and ambery essence that leaves a mesmerizing finishing trail on your skin.

Even though the musk note appears at the closing, you can sense the mellow type undertone from the initial sniff of this rich, composition.

As for the notes, you will mainly find a unique blend of galbanum, cardamom, and bergamot, following rose and geranium climaxing with musk, sandalwood, vanilla, Brazilian rosewood, amber, and oakmoss.

In a word, it is a powdery scent where warm, spicy, and balsamic accords giving a sensual and fascinating twist and making the overall ambiance more evocative.

Just like the incredible journey of the legendary superstar, this fragrance also manifests you for around 7 hours with its opulent vibes.

Alternatives of Brad Pitt’s Colognes

Brad Pitt has been cited as one of the most powerful and influential people in the American fashion and fragrance industry, because of his elegant look & amazing choice of fragrance.

Among all the legendary colognes, he choose a unique composition Lorenzo Villoresi Musk as his statement scent for daily outings.


However, the perfumer produces only a limited amount of colognes, which is quite pricey too.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve suggested some outstanding musky fragrances that are also available in the perfume world.

Let’s explore my sorted alternative to Brad Pitt’s signature cologne:

Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur

Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle is a notable option for all musk lovers and a good substitute for the Lorenzo Villoresi one.

From top to bottom, you will get a prominent animalic edge of musk, along with some fruity, spicy essence.

It’s the perfectly balanced combo of woody-spicy & juicy-sweetness. Musc Ravageur is a bit more intense version, so you can also layer it with the  Lorenzo Villoresi Musk to achieve strong longevity.

Because of the marvelous composition, you will find several fragrances similar to Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur out there.

Andrés Croxatto Man Andres Croxatto

Andrés Croxatto Man is a chypre fruity fragrance from Andres Croxatto that carries the maximum notes of Lorenzo Villoresi Musk.

This male cologne spreads a green, earthy scent and opens with a fresh citrusy nuance.

Slowly the fresh aroma converts into a boozy musky hint and lots of sweet woody mossy composition. During the dry-down, this masculine scent leaves a fascinating trace on your skin that also propagates strongly within your arm-length area.

You can blindly consider this fragrance as a notable replacement for Lorenzo Villoresi Musk.

Nasomatto Sadonaso

While I was first sniffing Lorenzo Villoresi Musk, the first name that came to mind was the latest musky fragrance from Nasomatto, called Sadonaso.

This scent exudes an alluring smell that can instantly steal your mind and soul.

In this fragrance, the shining star musk appears at the core and decorates the whole composition so beautifully. This bold, oriental-musky cologne has a striking coffee hint on top and ambery warmth at its closing.

Overall, it’s the perfect fusion for those, who wanna reveal an addictive charm on their special occasion.

Not only that, but you can also find some high-end alternatives to Nasomatto Sadonaso in the fragrance industry.

Final Thoughts

Brad Pitt turns 60 and still being center stage in the Hollywood industry for his trendy outlook. Even though he loves to try new trends, wore a timeless fragrance for around 30 years as his signature item.

In this write-up, I’ve explained the detailed smelling tone of his favorite cologne and also added some new suggestions for the masterpiece.

So if you want to mark your presence in any special program just like Brad Pitt does, you can try them out.

Till then, enjoy.

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