What Perfume Does Lana Del Rey Wear? [Interesting Facts]

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Her dramatic Hollywood-inspired retro looks or the simple yet glamorous and sultry ones, Lana Del Rey has always been slaying the fashion world with her iconic appearance.

Lana Del Rey is an American singer-songwriter, whose actual name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. Her fondness for the 1950-70s pop culture with a blend of melancholy and tragic romance is loved by everyone.

The fashion evolution of Lana Del Rey is a treat to the eyes. Hence, isn’t it obvious to wonder how elegant her aura must be?what-perfume-does-lana-del-rey-wear

So, If you want to know about the perfume Lana Del Rey wears along with some amazing information regarding her styling, go through this article.

Lana Del Rey’s Influence on Fashion and Grooming Trends

The style of Lana Del Rey is profoundly influential. Every look of this famous singer has been a hot topic since her outbreak in 2010.

Lana Del Rey has always embraced vintage looks. During the peak time of her career in 2010, her signature style was puffed hair and precise winged eyeliner with big hoops and high heels.

Though these styles were inspired by retro Hollywood vibes, her charm gave every look a unique touch.

Over the years, Lana Del Rey’s style has evolved into something more elegant rather than the pop culture phenomenon. Surely her love for long flared gowns is eternal.

From the Grammy Awards to the Met Gala, Lana Del Rey’s gorgeous yet simple gown looks have set some major fashion trends.

Be it her signature puffy hairstyle, sleek buns, or open hair looks, Lana Del Rey’s hair-setting ideas have been a staple for over a decade. Even when short bobs weren’t hype she flaunted it most nicely.

Her iconic cat eyeliner and flesh-toned lips are one of the hyped makeup trends so far.lana-del-reys-influence-on-fashion

Lana Del Rey’s fashion and grooming style is elegant, which anyone can carry. Her vibe is a fusion of the modern minimalist approach with a dramatic vintage touch.

Someone whose sense of fashion is so enriched and phenomenal must have the best taste in perfumes. Thus, fans often look out to know what perfume Lana Del Rey wears.

In fact, this American singer-songwriter has often mentioned her fondness for fragrances. She even once thought of opening a brand in her name.

So, the scent choice of Lana Del Rey is definitely something interesting and worth exploring. The following sections are all about Lana Del Rey’s favorite perfumes.

Public Interest in Lana Del Rey’s Perfume

The eccentric style of music or the retro-themed looks, everything about Lana Del Rey channels a feeling of enigma among her fans. Apart from the dramatic looks, the mysterious personality of this singer makes fans more inquisitive about her personal choices.

Fans often want to know about the fragrances that Lana Del Rey uses and explore her fine choices. People are fond of the vibe that Lana has given us over time and it would be lovely to incorporate more of it through an aromatic opulence.

In fact, she thinks perfume is a major part of her day. Whenever she writes songs she loves to put on her favorite fragrance. Also, applying her scent implies the start of the day for this talented singer.

Also, she and another American singer Billie Eilish wear perfume from the same designer brand. This brand is loved by many celebrities.

Look no more because I have done thorough research about the perfumes that Lana Del Rey wears and ensured the reliability of every piece of information.

What Perfume Does Lana Del Rey Wear?

Lana Del Rey has the finest taste in fashion and style. Her choice of fragrances is also a significant part of her vibe. It is confirmed that Creed Spring Flower is the signature perfume of this gorgeous lady. Also, as a face of Gucci Guilty Pour Femme EDP, it’s her favorite, too.

There are other two fragrances that she uses regularly. I will talk about them in the following section.perfume-does-lana-del-rey-wear

Here are the perfumes that Lana Del Rey wears:

  1. Spring Flower Creed

Spring Flower by Creed is the signature perfume of Lana Del Rey. She likes to apply this fruity floral fragrance on a regular basis. Her charm and charisma become more fluent with its sweet-floral accords.

  1. Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum

Lana Del Rey is the face of Gucci Guilty EDP. She loves how bold and fearless this fragrance makes her feel. At the same time, its soft, feminine vibe is her favorite, too.

  1. The First by Firestone Sisters

Lana Del Rey has confirmed to her fans that she loves using Firestone Sisters Fragrance’s The First a lot. In fact, she posted a picture on her Instagram stories as well.

  1. Chelsea Nights Bond No 9

Apart from her signature fragrance, Lana Del Rey prefers using Chelsea Nights by Bond No 9. It was suggested in several reddit comments that she often applies this fragrance.

Characteristics of Lana Del Rey’s Perfume

Now that you know the perfume choice of Lana Del Rey, it’s time to learn about them in detail. Also, it will give you a better insight into the type of fragrance she prefers.

As Creed Spring Flower and Gucci Guilty EDP are the most used perfumes by Lana Del Rey, I will discuss them elaborately in the following section.

Spring Flower Creed

Initially, the brand Creed made this perfume for a film legend, fashion icon, and renowned humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. It became available for public purchase after a few years.

This well-balanced, refreshing fruity-floral-themed fragrance is loved for its sophisticated and sensual nature.

Spring Flower opens with a luscious fruity splash of peach and apple. Then it develops into an opulent floral smell of jasmine at heart. After dry-down, it gives off a captivating musky aroma with some aquatic fruity accords and a green hint.

This scent is suitable for warm weather. But if you want to smell the same all year, you can find similar perfumes to Creed Spring Flower in the market that are more versatile.

Gucci Guilty Eau de Parfum

Gucci Guilty EDP Pour Femme is another most used perfume by Lana Del Rey. Although she was the advertisement face of this fragrance, its well-rounded and unique nature is genuinely loved by her.

Just like the favorite perfume of Beyonce, this one also uplifts the feminine grace and boldness in a unique way.

It starts with a refreshing citrusy aroma of bergamot and soon radiates a soft powdery smell in the core. During the dry-down phase, this fragrance infuses a dark, earthy aura that feels addictive and stimulating.

This modern and elegant perfume can be used at any time, in any place. From work to casual meetups there’s no better choice than this to enhance your feminine grace.

Alternatives of Lana Del Rey’s Perfumes

Now you know Lana Del Rey’s ideal choice of perfume includes Creed Spring Flower, Gucci Guilty EDP Pour Femme, The First by Firestone Sisters, and Chelsea Nights Bond No 9.

All of these fragrances not only smell amazing but also each of them represents some notable attributes of the diva.

Lana Del Rey is phenomenal and her taste in perfumes is ahead of her time. I have figured out a few fragrances that give an identical smell to her favorite perfumes.alternatives-of-lana-del-reys-perfumes

Here are the alternatives that smell like Lana Del Rey’s signature perfumes:

1. Burberry Summer

Burberry Summer smells like Creed Spring Flower. Hence, if you want an affordable version of Spring Flower this one is a good choice.

Its refreshing fruity opening with the luscious apple notes and the opulent floral touch gives an identical hunch to Lana Del Rey’s signature perfume.

This fragrance gives satisfactory performance and it’s an ideal choice for day outings in summer.

2. Joyful Escada

If you are a student who wants to smell like Lana Del Rey on a limited budget try Joyful by Escada. This playful fruity-floral blend reminds me of Creed Spring Flower.

The aroma of Joyful spreads with a loud and fresh citrusy-fruity opening that gradually develops into a soothing powdery, floral smell at heart. Its base radiates a velvety, woody aura that lingers for a prolonged span.

Its cheerful vibe is best suited for the spring and summer. You can apply this fragrance anywhere.

3. Emporio Armani Diamonds Violet Giorgio Armani

If you are looking for an alternative to another signature perfume of Lana Del Rey, Gucci Guilty Pour Femme EDP then try Emporio Armani Diamonds Violet by Giorgio Armani.

This fragrance has a similar fruity, floral, and earthy combination with some added twist. You can use this almost all the time, except for extreme heat or cold weather.

4. Afrodite Tiziana Terenzi

For those to whom budget is not an issue you can try this niche alternative to Gucci Guilty Pour Femme.

Afrodite offers a similar refreshing fruity opening and radiates a soft floral, powdery aura in the core. In the base, this fragrance has an enchanting smell of patchouli, musk, and sandalwood.

This masterpiece works fine in warm weather and it is best to apply this on casual outings.


Lana Del Rey is thoughtful and passionate when it comes to her looks and styling. Her choice of outlook adds an individualistic charm and sets trends.

This singer-songwriter loves to carry looks that enhance her feminine grace with some unparalleled boldness. The same can be noticed in her choice of perfumes.

I have gathered all the information about the perfume Lana Del Rey uses and I have included some substitutes so if you want you can buy something similar to your preference while holding the Lana Del Rey vibe.

If you have any queries, let me know in the comment section. Till then, goodbye.

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