What Cologne Does Will Smith Wear? [Revealed]

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Will Smith is one of the most versatile and handsome men in Hollywood. He began his career-long time back; however, his recent style has captured many hearts over the years.

If you are a big fan of his, you might be wondering:

So, What Cologne Does Will Smith Wear?

Will Smith wears Vera Wang For Men as his signature cologne. This fragrance suits him very well because of it’s spicy woody fragrance and its ruggedness accords perfectly blending with his personality. If you want to smell like Will Smith, Vera Wang For Men cologne is the way to go.

To know more about this fragrance and how to wear it, keep reading.

What Cologne Does Will Smith Wear? 

What Is Will Smith’s Favourite Fragrance?

According to multiple sources, I can indeed say Vera Wang is Will Smith’s favorite fragrance.

Will Smith is an American actor, rapper, and producer. He is well known for his roles in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Independence Day, Men In Black, etc.

Just like a fine wine, Will Smith started in his late 20s and kept delivering one after one good performance.

There’s no doubt of his outstanding performance created a massive fan base who are crazy for him! Will Smith surely deserves the love and support from his fans because of his talent, charming personality, and gentlemanly demeanor. And who does not love Will Smith’s jokes, right?

But then again, you’re here, which means you already know most of his common jokes and famous roles and just want to know about his favorite scent.

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So let’s get back to that.

After thoroughly researching for quite some time, I read some of Will Smith’s interviews and went through some magazines to find the exact answer you want to know.

Let’s discuss further Vera Wang For Men, and should you also wear it?

Vera Wang launched this fragrance in 2004; right from the launch, it gained tons of positive feedback from the fragrance community.

A unique blend of citrus, tobacco, and woody vibe makes this scent playful.

In the notes, you will mainly get fresh spicy, sweet, tobacco, green, leather, anis, and floral note that blend amazingly, resulting in a romatic bliss.

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But the most important question is, should you wear Vera Wang just because Will Smith wears it?

Of course, the answer lies with you. If you think your style is perfectly fit for this fragrance, then go for it – The classic masculine fragrance might be a win to wear for business and casual as well. Otherwise, you can always stick with your familiar scent.

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