What Cologne Does Tom Holland Wear? [Revealed]

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Who does not drool over the Spider-Man actor Tom Holland! The incredibly young and handsome actor is globally famous and has become a household name.

It’s no surprise if you are to be wondering:

Now, What Cologne Does Tom Holland Wear?

Tom Holland wears Play EDT by Givenchy for Men as his go-to cologne. The cologne is described to be citrus aromatic as well as super versatile. It is a masculine scent with intense accords. Therefore, knowing what Tom Holland smells like, Play EDT by Givenchy is the way for you to go.

Keep reading to know more about Play EDT that Tom Holland wears and how you can wear it.

What Cologne Does Tom Holland Wear? 

What Is Tom Holland’s Favourite Fragrance?

Many sources reveal that Play EDT by Givenchy is Tom Holland’s favorite fragrance.

The English actor is famous for his roles in movies like Spider-Man, Captain America, Avengers, and more.

Tom Holland began his acting career in 2010, climbing his way to Hollywood and capturing the hearts of millions with his role as ‘Peter Parker.’

There’s no doubt of his fame, considering he has fans from all over the world. Predominantly his female fans are crazy for him. His sweet personality and striking looks are the proof of his popularity.

But, you must have already been ahead of this – now eagerly waiting to know about his favorite fragrance.

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Finally, your wait is over!

I went through Tom Holland’s interviews and some magazines to find answers regarding the fragrance that he wears.

Let’s discuss Play EDT by Givenchy that Tom Holland wears and how you can wear it?

Givenchy Play Eau de Toilette by Givenchy is an aromatic citrus fragrance for men. It was launched in 2008 and created by Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac.

It is a citrus woody-spicy scent that symbolizes youth and boldness. In addition, the aroma is an irresistible edition of coffee and fresh spicy. The blend is unique and subtle.

In the notes, you will mainly get bergamot, mandarin orange, grapefruit, bitter orange, Amyris wood, coffee flower, black pepper, vetiver, and patchouli.

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Also, the fragrance comes in two versions: Givenchy Play EDT and Givenchy Play Intense. For EDT, a moderate sillage won’t perform that long; instead, you can opt for the Intense version.

The real question is, should you wear Play EDT by Givenchy just because Tom Holland wears it?

The cologne is suitable for both summer and fall. So if you want to rock it, it would be perfect. Nonetheless, you might want to change the fragrance in winter as this fragrance may come off too firm, so you have to make sure you can carry it.

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