What Cologne Does Leonardo DiCaprio Wear? [Revealed]

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most handsome and talented actors alive! He has a place in all our hearts for his unforgettable roles over the years and his undeniably charming looks.

Being his fan for so long, you might be wondering:

So, What Cologne Does Leonardo DiCaprio Wear?

Leonardo DiCaprio wears Eau D’Hadrien as his signature cologne. This fragrance enlightens the fresh citrusy scent, which brings out his heavenly personality to light. If you want to know how Leonardo DiCaprio smells in real life, Eau D’Hadrien is what you’re looking for.

To know more about this fragrance and how to wear it, keep reading.

What Cologne Does Leonardo DiCaprio Wear?

What Is Leonardo DiCaprio’s Favourite Fragrance?

Multiple sources have revealed that Eau D’Hadrien is Leonardo Decario’s favorite fragrance,

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American actor famously known for his roles in movies like Titanic, The Great Gatsby, Inception, Shutter Island, The Revenant, and many other outstanding movies, making him worldwide famous.

Just like a sweet dessert, Leonardo DiCaprio began entering the hearts of millions and delivering one after one brilliant performance.

Without a doubt, Leonardo DiCaprio has fans from all over the world who cherish him, especially his female fans who are diehard over him. But of course, there’s nothing to be surprised about! He’s extremely attractive and pleasant with a great creative mind.

But if you’re here, it means you are well aware of all that and just curious as to what your favorite actor’s favorite cologne is.

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So let’s get to it!

I’ve discovered this through various research. I read some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s interviews and went through some magazines to find the exact answer you want to know.

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Let’s get to the details of Eau D’Hadrien, and should you also wear it?

Annick Goutal released this fragrance in 1981. The award-winning fragrance received many praises for its creativity and story.

The scent has a unique blend of aromatic and citrusy fragrances to give a fresh and beautiful scent.

In the notes, you’ll mainly get a Sicilian lemon, cedrat, grapefruit, green tangerine, ylang-ylang, cypress, and bergamot.

For the question you have been waiting for, should you wear Eau D’Hadrien just for the sake of Leonardo DiCaprio wearing it?

Maybe not. But perhaps, If you can wear it off, then surely try it out! However, keep note that not everyone would prefer the same.

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