What Cologne Does Barack Obama Wear? [Lead With Style]

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Barack Obama has accomplished many significant achievements in life, such as being the first African-American President of the United States. He is loved and respected by people worldwide because of his fearless leadership and humbleness.

Not only his charismatic personality but Barack Obama’s fashion and style are also loved by everyone. Thus, there is a steaming curiosity about the cologne that Barack Obama wears.what-cologne-does-barack-obama-wear

If you have the same question then you are in the right place. In this article, I will describe the styling trend of Barack Obama and unleash facts about the fragrances he uses.

So, let’s start.

Barack Obama’s Influence on Fashion and Grooming Trends

From his teenage years, Barack Obama was the epitome of fashion and style. Be it a casual look or formal, this 6 feet 2-inch height man knows how to slay with reverence.

After becoming the president of the USA, Barack Obama’s basic yet stylish way of dressing up has always been praised. His style has evolved, but in every phase of his life, he remained ahead of the time with his fashion game.

During his college time, Barack Obama effortlessly flaunted his vibe with a loose-fitting, button-up shirt and a fedora hat. In the 90s while accumulating his law degree at Harvard, this charismatic persona didn’t fail to elevate his fashion regime with his all-time favorite wide-collared, leather jacket.

Throughout his reign as the US president, Barack Obama picked mostly black or navy blue colored slim-cut suits. At times, he used to opt for casual looks that incorporated khaki pants paired with some dark/light-colored coats.

Also, his perfectly polished shoes need no introduction. It showed how meticulously all the style of this leader was done.

At times, he even rocked the world by appearing in a beige-colored suit. Even though there is an unofficial presidential dress code in the US that emphasizes dark-colored suits, when it’s Barack Obama you can expect some twist.

In his campaigns, Barack Obama didn’t wear any tie and kept 2 to 3 shirt buttons open to engage more with the general public. His thoughtfulness and generosity were even reflected in the attire he picked.

At vacations, this legendary leader mostly wore shorts and he even made flip-flops look fun.


After his presidency period, Barack Obama has now got back to his old style. He is often seen wearing dad jeans and nobody can make a polo t-shirt look more fun than this first African-American president of the US.

Hence, the fandom for Barack Obama’s fashion and grooming trend is endless. To this day, when he spends most of his time off camera, his styles are discussed all over the internet.

Amidst all, it’s obvious to wonder about the cologne Barack Obama wears. A man who has such an amazing fashion sense must have an exquisite collection of fragrances.

Public Interest in Barack Obama’s Cologne

Apart from being an influential leader, the grooming style of Barack Obama is very popular and vastly followed by men around the globe. His smart presence at different occasions has turned heads and brought immense appreciation.

There are a significant amount of queries about the cologne that Barack Obama wears. His fine taste in fashion and style inevitably implies that this powerful leader prefers to smell in the finest way.

Also, anyone whose primary role is to deal with the public must maintain a vibe that is mass-appealing.

It is quite common that political leaders often opt for fragrances that can relate them more to the voters and their followers by maintaining a certain type of aroma they radiate.

Just like the favorite perfume of Queen Elizabeth perfectly represents her royalty, Barack Obama’s signature scent also signifies his resilience through and through.

Needless to say, an empathetic leader and president like Barack Obama kept a forward vision in his mind while picking his signature cologne. This creates more curiosity regarding Barack Obama’s choice of scents.

Hence, I have done some in-depth analysis and finally figured out the cologne that Barack Obama wears. Check out the following section to learn about it.

What Cologne Does Barack Obama Wear?

Barack Obama’s signature cologne is not revealed officially or by himself on any platform. However, the people close to him have revealed he uses the cologne I Am King by Sean John. The scent has a strong essence befitting a leader like Obama.


This brand Sean John is owned by American rapper Sean Combs, who is also professionally known as Puff Daddy or P. Diddy. This rapper cum record producer sent this cologne officially to Barack Obama as a gift during his presidency.

Also, there is a body oil cologne by Pure Uncut and Barack Obama cologne by Parfums Deray available in the market. These are inspired by the legacy of Obama.

Characteristics of Barack Obama’s Cologne

I Am King was created by Karyn Khoury, Trudi Loren, and IFF. The American hip-hop artist Sean John Combs, dedicated this cologne to Barack Obama, Muhammad Ali, and Martin Luther King Jr.

It was made in 2008 but became available for public purchase in 2009.

This woody-aquatic fragrance represents the attitude, belief, and courage of manhood as a unit. It’s a rich-smelling cologne that will elevate masculinity with a touch of confidence and bravery.

I Am King opens with a citrusy aroma of tangerine and orange layered with a luscious fruity nuance of cranberry.

In the core, this scent releases a refreshing, marine aroma enhanced by the herbaceous, green hint of cassis.

During dry-down, it gives a woody-aromatic, velvety sensation in combination with cedar, vetiver, oakmoss, and amalfi lemon.

Performance-wise this cologne is moderate. Its enlivening aura is best fitted for the warm weather in summer and spring. This gem works great during the daytime.

Alternatives of Barack Obama’s Cologne

Now you know that Barack Obama wears I Am King by Sean John. There are other fragrances mentioned by different sources but I found no reliability of them.

It’s obvious that you want to have a similar vibe as your favorite personality. Many are eager to know what cologne President Obama wears and want to keep that in their collection.alternatives-of-barack-obamas-cologne

Also, in case you want to find something similar in other combinations or brands, you can do that, too. I have figured out two substitutes for I Am King so you can smell the same way as Barack Obama but with some twist.

Here are the alternatives to Barack Obama’s cologne I Am King:

1. Polo Sport Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Sport was released in 1994. This fragrance was composed by Harry Fremont.

This designer brand makes some amazing fragrances. In fact, the cologne that Prince William wears is from this company.

Its citrusy, minty opening accords give a similar hunch as I Am King. Though it differs in the middle layer with the floral notes, in the base this cologne’s woody cedar and ambery smell feels identical to the signature scent of Barack Obama.

Polo Sport is suitable for the hot and humid climate in spring and summer. It performs well in the daytime.

This scent is mass-appealing and women love the aroma it gives. Thus, due to its popularity, there are many similar colognes to Polo Sport available in the market.

2. Aperitif Eclectic Collections

Aperitif by Eclectic Collections came into the market in 2011. This fragrance gives an identical smell to I Am King. In fact, both of them share similar note profiles.

The refreshing citrusy opening of Aperitif is rounded by the herbaceous touch of cassis at heart with a hint of marine accord. In the dry-down, this cologne infuses the same woody, aromatic sensation as the cologne that Barack Obama wore. The smell of vetiver, sandalwood, and oakmoss creates the same vibe.

The longevity, projection, and sillage of this scent are up to mark. You can use it in the summer heat or breezy spring season.


Barack Obama is a highly accomplished personality with great leadership skills. This ex-American president has maintained his charm not only through his political influence but also with his lifestyle.

The fashion evolution of this African-American leader has captured a lot of attention. Men love to follow Barack Obama’s grooming trends.

One part of his style includes the type of fragrance he wears. The way Barack Obama smells has the ability to create some amazing effects on the minds of his followers.

Thus I have discussed every detail about the cologne Barack Obama wears along with two alternatives to it.

If you have any more queries, let me know in the comment section. Till then, goodbye.

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