What Cologne Does ASAP Rocky Wear? [Scent & Trend]

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ASAP Rocky is one of the most well-known hip-hop artists in today’s generation. His funky attitude and style are definitely an attention grabber.what-cologne-does-asap-rocky-wear

He always being in the limelight for his trendy outlook, just like his unique taste in fragrances. But do you know which cologne the star wears to shine on his regular days and special nights?

In this write-up, I’ll answer all your questions about ASAP Rocky’s fragrance collection with his incredible fashion sense.

So, let’s explore my findings about the sensational singer.

ASAP Rocky’s Influence on Grooming Trends & Fashion


The hip-hop king ASAP Rocky holds a massive fanbase with his innovative style, and the fans eagerly wait for his next trendy moves. The artist very wisely marked his presence in the large industry with his debut mixtape Live Love A$AP in 2011.

Moreover, he also became a well-known name among the young generation not just for his musical talent but also for his exceptional fashion sense.

Rakim Athelaston Mayers, known professionally as ASAP Rocky, is an American rapper. His notable works include albums like Long. Live. A$AP, At. Long. Last. A$AP, and Testing with singles Fuckin’ Problems and L$D.

He is a member of the hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, from which he adopted his moniker. Nevertheless, his contributions as an artist consistently earn appreciation.

His attitude, style, and mischievous personality are undoubtedly one of the major reasons for his immense hype.

Well, the show topper sometimes tried very unique and funky looks, still, I would say he has an incredible dress sense. His daring attribute perfectly goes with the slaying vibe like ASAP’s bold choice of fragrances.

The fashionista doesn’t hesitate to try different styles, sometimes he wears colorful wigs, carries tote bags with formal suits, pairs denim loose jeans with a blazer, and so on.

And the scent he wears to decorate his regular days amazingly complements his killer and bold looks. In Rocky’s short career, he has already won several international awards for his brilliant singing talent.

In recent times, he has been in the spotlight for his fourth album Don’t Be Dumb.

Personally, I love his aesthetic trends as well as his music composition- my favorite one is Praise The Lord.

After a vivid analysis of A$AP’s lifestyle and scent collection, I found he loves to use woody fragrances and I think no other accords can define his look better than the warm, masculine aroma of oud.

Public Concern About ASAP Rocky’s Cologne Collection

Whenever we talk about fashion and trends the first name that appears in my mind is ASAP Rocky. Because this young icon has phenomenal outfit ideas with his bold addictive cologne collection.

While checking his regular lifestyle, I found his legion of fans kept asking about his choice of fragrances.

They desire to embrace the identical fragrance to embellish their lives with the charismatic allure that mirrors Rocky’s stylish attitude. His fascination with scents was officially announced when he joined the Gucci campaign in 2023.


Apart from that in previous times, Rocky expressed his affection for the iconic fragrance Oud Wood by Tom Ford.

Overall, the concept is clear that the fashion icon is fascinated with the warm, woody texture of his signature scent.

In the following segment, I’m gonna describe the detailed aromatic tone of these masculine woody fragrances, so that you can better understand his fragrance choice.

What Cologne Does ASAP Rocky Wear?

ASAP Rocky used Tom Ford Oud Wood as his signature cologne before his campaign with Gucci. After the collaboration, he also considers Guilty Pour Homme as his go-to scent. Thus, it’s accurate to say that Rocky enjoys using wood-based scents.

So, in his words, Oud Wood & Guilty Pour Homme both are his favorite scents. And he probably uses the Gucci one as his summer fragrance and the Tom Ford one in the winter season.

Though both colognes have prominent woody notes, Gucci Guilty Pour Homme has a strong refreshing aroma while the Oud Wood has a warm spicy ambery tint.

These woody fragrances are perfect for the bold unique outlook of ASAP Rocky. If you notice the aromatic trail of these two beasts, you can sense his scent choice is mind-blowing.

During searching I also found that ASAP’s choice is pretty similar to the handsome charming actor Tom Hardy. And Tom Hardy also loves to wear woody colognes to embellish his presence in any public gatherings.

To know about Rocky’s fragrance composition clearly, let’s dive into the next portion where I’ll describe the notes of his scent clearly.

Characteristics of ASAP Rocky’s Signature Fragrances

ASAP Rocky is the most trendy celebrity in the huge entertainment industry. And both of his favorite scents Oud Wood & Guilty Pour Homme are also the most renowned cologne in the fragrance realm for their interesting formulation.


Let’s take a quick look at the detailed aromatic profile of ASAP Rocky’s signature fragrances:

Oud Wood by Tom Ford

It is an amber woody fragrance for women and men. It was launched in 2007. The nose behind this fragrance is Richard Herpin.

It is a powdery scent with a luxurious blend of woody, spicy, and sweet accords. Most importantly, the scent has a vibrant, exotic, smoky, and compelling composition that perfectly goes with the manly style of A$AP Rocky.

In the notes, you will mainly find a combination of premium oud, sandalwood, and Chinese pepper with subtle hints of vanilla and amber.

Because of its outstanding performance, people are always searching for available and affordable substitutes for Tom Ford Oud Wood.

Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

In 2011, the woody aromatic pure male cologne Guilty Pour Homme started its journey in the massive fragrance industry.

The herbal, floral, and citrusy opening of this seductive scent instantly tickles your smelling senses. Soon, you will enjoy the soothing blossomy tone of African orange flowers.

Finally, the most awaited sweet timber effect draws a refined closing where the dense, earthy-musky smell of patchouli makes the overall composition a tad bit more provocative.

Apart from its remarkable projection, particularly women are captivated by this elegant & addictive scent.

Due to its massive popularity, multiple perfumers already created several colognes similar to the Gucci Guilty Pour Homme.

Alternatives of ASAP Rocky’s Colognes

ASAP Rocky is a multi-talented singer and musician, who not only attracts people with his magnificent vocal power but also captures everyone’s attention with his trendy lifestyle.


And the huge fanbase loves to recreate his updated outlook as well as his fragrance to achieve that killer vibe.

Well, as Rocky wears very famous colognes, which can be unavailable in retail stores sometimes, I’ve suggested two alternatives of the legendary scents.

Here are the replacements for ASAP Rocky’s go-to fragrances:

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir

Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir is an amber woody fragrance that has prominent woodsy accords with a subtle citrusy, pungency at the opening, just like the Oud Wood.

Comparatively, this 2013 cologne has a bit stronger spicy tint than the Tom Ford one, but you will feel the same trail here. The sweet zesty tint of cardamom at its core attracts me the most.

At last, this Versace fragrance also dries on your skin with the most evocative and masculine accord of oud.

As this scent has a crowd-pleasing aura, many perfumers wanted to recreate colognes similar to Versace Oud Noir.

Man Silver Zara

Zara Silver Man is one of the closest and most affordable substitutes for Guilty Pour Homme. Basically, it’s an aromatic fougere fragrance with a strong woody essence of cedar and sandalwood.

The fragrance starts with the same citrusy powdery combo of lemon and lavender with a mild spicy peppery hint.

Slowly the fresh, bright aroma turns into a flowery tone at the middle layered with a zesty edge.

As the cologne gets mature, you will experience a warm, woody tone that offers a cozy comforting vibe on the winter night. This well-balanced fragrance is too good for daily use instead of the luxurious Gucci Guilty Pour Homme.

Final Thoughts

ASAP Rocky always takes center stage in ShowBiz because of his slaying look and addictive personality. Fragrance is the main ingredient when you build a solid, dashing appearance.

After seeing his choice of colognes, you may already know why he looks so confident about his unique and funky attributes.

If you also wanna grab the same swag in your personality, you can try his signature colognes or the alternatives I’ve already mentioned.

That’s all about ASAP Rocky’s fashion and fragrance story.


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